Other AlNiCo Magnets

Other AlNiCo MagnetsOther AlNiCo Magnets

We (Edgetech industries LLC) can also provide other AlNiCo magnets per drawing.

Part No.: AlM-T
Material: AlNiCo
Shape: Per drawing
Grade: LNG37,FLN8 etc.
Coating: Epoxy
Max Operating Temp(°C/°F): 500/932

Other AlNiCo Magnets can also be customized, mainly type as follows:

●AlNiCo Channel Magnets        ●AlNiCo Rectangular Magnets

●AlNiCo Ring Magnets              ●AlNiCo Round Horseshoe Magnets

●AlNiCo Disc Magnets              ●AlNiCo Pot Type Magnets

Customers are welcomed to send us inquiry to sales@edgerem.com.