Magnetic Assemblies

Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies

From permanent magnets to large complex magnetic assemblies, Edgetech Industries, Magnetics Division has a legacy of designing, manufacturing and delivering systems to meet our partners’ needs and their application requirements.

Typical applications of our magnet assembly:

-Halbach Arrays
-Torque and Linear Couplers
-Voice Coil Motors (VCM)
-Magnetic Module for Wind Power
-Magnetic Coupling

Materials will be Neodymium MagnetsSamarium Cobalt Magnets and AlNiCo Magnets, as per your request.

Edgetech Industries, Magnetics Division provides assemblies as follows:

Alignment Magnets Magnetic Couplings Degaussers Magnetic Dipoles
Halbach & Stelter Arrays EAS Magnetic Detachers Electromagnets Headsetters
Klystrons-Gyrotrons Magnets Magnetrons Microwave Circulators / Magnetic Isolators Magnetic Motor / Magnetic Actuators
MRI / NMR Non-destructive Testing Magnetic Sensors / Magnetic Encoders Magnetic Separators

Please send us your drawings to for assemblies.