Applications of AlNiCo Magnets

Applications of AlNiCo Magnets

-Cast AlNiCo

The key attributes of Cast Alnico are:

►Mechanically strong

►Cast to a variety of shapes

►Very temperature stable

► Can change magnetic orientation

► High Br and Bhmax characteristics compared to ceramic materials.


-Sintered AlNiCo

The key attributes of Sintered Alnico are:

► Mechanically strongest of the Alnicos

►Close tolerance pressing/typically minimum grinding

Both cast and sintered AlNiCo have low Hc when compared to ceramic or rare earth materials.


-Applications of AlNiCo Magnets

General applications for both cast and sintered AlNiCo are:

►Electron tubes, radar, traveling wave tubes

►Separators, holding magnets, coin acceptors, clutches and bearings

►Magnetos, motors, generators, meters, instruments, controls, relays, watt-hour meters

►Communications, receivers, telephones, microphones, bell ringers, musical instruments

►Automotive sensors, loudspeakers, cow magnets, distributors